Hey there! I’m Joey, a bookworm who constantly daydreams about Narnia and Middle Earth. I love gardening, cooking, and reading of course! I a big fan of unicorns, magic, extraterrestrials, and space/time travel. Sometimes I get hungry when I’m reading, so look out for my bookish cooking posts inspired by whatever I’m reading!

I’ve lived my whole life in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, and currently reside in a small town just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. I laugh easily and freely, and start every day with several cups of coffee. I’ve been married to my husband for almost two years and we are proud fur parents to our dog (Telo) and cat (Lola). They’re both 12 years old and very opinionated.



Other fun facts about me:

-I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years

-I have an Ornate Box Turtle, Delphi, who is roughly the same age as me. I call her my little dinosaur.

-I have four huge goldfish that are 5 years old; Poseidon, Freddie, Jet, and Investington. My husband named Investington as a joke but I thought it was hilarious and it stuck.

-I love all things potato