Orange Skies in the SF Bay Area

On September 9, 2020, parts of the San Francisco Bay Area woke up to orange skies.

As you probably know, California is currently ablaze. According to the CalFires Incident Map, there are over a dozen fires throughout the State.

The view from my bedroom window this morning, 7:54am, in Corte Madera

I live in Corte Madera, a small town just north of San Francisco. We have not been in danger of the fires, but we have had smoke filled skies on-and-off for about three weeks now.

But this has been a day unlike any I have seen.

I woke up this morning at 7:40am to dark orange skies. Looking out my bedroom window, I couldn’t see the backyard.

The layers of fog and smoke were so thick that it blocked the sun. None of the photo in this post have been edited, and no filters were used.

Tiburon, 10:30am

My husband and I were fascinated, so we decided to take a drive and see what the rest of Marin County looked like.

First we went down to Tiburon. At 10:30am, it was 57 degrees, windy, and a little muggy from the fog.

Usually this walking path is packed, but today we only saw a handful of people out.

Next we went to Battery Spencer, an area of Fort Baker in Sausalito.

Visibility was very poor. And it was so cold!

Usually this is a super touristy location, as it is a great place to view the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco (plus the old buildings are super cool).

Today it was vacant and oh so eerie.

None of these photos were edited and no filters were used.

You could hear the highway leading to the Golden Gate, but you couldn’t see any of it.

And although I saw a grand total of two birds, I didn’t hear any chirping.

It was all incredibly surreal.

It’ll be very interesting to see what tomorrow looks like!

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