Review of Dear Girls by Ali Wong

This book made me laugh so hard I cried!

I find Ali Wong absolutely hilarious. Her stand-ups are obnoxious and unapologetic in the best possible way, and I adore Always Be My Maybe.

It was actually after watching this movie for the 8 billionth time that I decided to look for her audiobook.

Dear Girls is a compilation of letters written by Ali to her children (cautioned to avoid reading it until they’re at least 21), full of stories about Ali’s past sex life, performing stand up comedy, and how she met their father.

This was a fantastic audiobook to listen to, mostly because Ali was the narrator (and her husband read the Epilogue!).

I felt like Ali was telling me a story of her life, and she did not hold back on the nitty gritty!!

And by nitty gritty I mean an abundance of jokes about vaginas/pubic hair. Which I totally get is not for everyone.

There were several stories that actually had me cringing. If this was my mom, I for sure wouldn’t be able to finish it!!

I do suggest watching her stand up first to make sure her humor is for you. She is incredibly vulgar which will be quite shocking to those not familiar with her comedic style.  

This was a fun, light-hearted listen, perfect to listen to while doing chores.

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