Review of Mistborn: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

In a land of brown vegetation and ashen skies, the Lord Ruler has spent a thousand years as a god/tyrant. It is said he was once good, a Hero, but has since fostered a society dependent on the brutal treatment of the Skaa people. Kelsier, a half-skaa, decides it’s time for that to change. Kelsier forms a crew with the intent of overthrowing the Final Empire, leveraging his skills in Allomancy. But it isn’t until he finds Vin, a Mistborn, someone capable of evoking several Allomantic powers, that his plan really takes off.


The hype is real with this one!! And I’m STOKED that it’s a series. I can only imagine the plot twists ahead! So excited this is only the beginning.

I’ve had The Final Empire on my shelves for several years now, but for some reason I kept pushing it down my tbr list.

After reading so much YA Fantasy this year, I was starting to crave something a little more. Mistborn: The Final Empire was my last read of August, and I absolutely devoured it.

I will admit there are some slower parts, but looking back I feel that was purposeful, seducing the reader into thinking they know what is going on only to have everything flip entirely upside down.

There were so many subtle twists and devastating dips to this plot that by the time I finished, I couldn’t help but wonder WHEN this will be made into a movie/tv show.

There’s no way it won’t make it to the screen. Why am I so confident? Because this story has EVERYTHING.

I loved the characters. There wasn’t a single one that I felt was unnecessary or under developed.

Vin was my favorite. When we first meet her, she is timid and untrusting, and I loved watching her transform into someone capable of bravery and ambition . She still has a lot more growing to do, and I am here for her journey!

Kelsier is full of schemes, and I have the feeling we have only just started unraveling the full extent of his plans.

The Lord Ruler is super intriguing. An immortal ruler who once defeated an immense evil. A ruler who oppresses an entire class of people simply because their ancestors opposed him. A ruler who claims to be actively maintaining the Empire’s safety.

I have so many questions about the history of the Final Empire, and a lot of anxiety for its future.

It’s clear I find the world building incredible.

Sanderson takes the time to explain the nuances of this realm in a way that allows the reader to digest information without being overwhelmed.

Specifically, the areas of magic/Allomancy, the Empire’s history, political tensions, and religious beliefs are all covered, though I never found myself spacing out like I sometimes can be with high fantasy books.

It was written clearly with just the right amount of detail. Enough to build a spectacular world, but without excessive frilly language.

And there are still several pieces to the puzzle left to be discovered. Book 2 is going to be bonkers, I just know it.

I just finished reading it, and already I’m looking forward to a reread!

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